I have known Dr. Mazza for eight years now. He was first recommended to me by a dear friend, and I still took my time to research his credentials and experience before contacting his office. The first time I contacted him, I needed cosmetic work and was concerned about the quality of the service and the price. I also wanted the work to last since this kind of work is not cheap. Dr. Mazza did such an exceptional job that, since then, I have never hesitated to contact him whenever I needed dental care. I recently decided to undertake another round of cosmetic work, and I am genuinely pleased with the results. Dr. Mazza takes his time to perform meticulous work with a focus on the details. Regarding his practice, the office is clean and comfortable, with state-of-the-art instrumentation, and communication is fluid, both before the procedure and after (“postoperative”), so there were no surprises. Also, with the pandemic not yet over, I was hesitant about visiting his office. However, there was no reason to worry, as he and his staff wear gloves, face masks, and, when working on me, a face shield as well. I also agree with many other reviewers that he has pleasant bedside manners, and his two dental assistants are patient, professional, and gentle. Overall, my experience with Dr. Mazza and his staff could not have been more positive, and the quality of the work is worth every penny.


Excellent in every aspects!
Dr. Mazza and team are excellent in every aspect. I did implants and my front teeth cosmetic work with sedation. The result is very satisfactory. Dr. Mazza is patient and understanding and humble nice and always makes me feel good. I am a health care provider I can say it's a well organized, clean and wonderful environment. You get a free face massage at the end of each appointment. The staff is good the way they explain things to you they are very patient and professional.
I highly recommend Dr. Mazza and his practice.
What a wonderful group of people ❤

Virginia Graham

The Best Dentist in the World!
After many incidents as a child of terror and fear with dentists, at last I met Dr. Mazza and his team. They are the most caring and professional dentistry team and I have complete trust and confidence in them. I know that I can come to him and have no fear and pain and actually have pleasant experience. I highly recommend to anyone who has fear of dentistry to see Dr. Mazza. You will be happy that you did.
Dr. Mazza is a true artist the front tooth he made me it matches so nice for color and shape that I can’t tell it from others. It matches very well with others. I have full faith in Dr. Mazza and the most important thing is the fact that Dr. Mazza has made my mouth healthy again.
Dr. Mazza , you are the Best and I will be back!

Susan Kitzmiller

Dr. Mazza is a very good doctor with a very positive and warm personality, which I very much appreciate. During my experiences here, I always felt very comfortable and safe. I went under anesthesia a few times, and each time I recovered quickly. Beth, the receptionist, is always very warm and friendly. The office in general is well kept and organized. I highly recommend Dr Mazza.

Lucy Burgoyne

I received emergent dental surgery with Dr. Mazza within the last several months. I'm having follow-up procedures with him as well.

Dr. Mazza is going to give you all-star treatment. He's going to make you feel like you're special. He's going to give you patience and the opportunity for you to speak your mind. He's going to balance your interests against his professional opinion - and his expert judgment is worth listening to.

I'm not particularly afraid of dentists. If I were, however, I am confident that Dr. Mazza would make every effort to put my fears to rest. He makes every effort to act in his patients' best interest.

I recommend Dr. Mazza with no reservations. I encourage you to do your homework up front regarding you insurance coverage. Dr. Mazza is out of network to me, but was worth it in my emergency scenario.

Benjamin Jimenez

Beyond Excellence!
I was referred to Dr. Mazza by my bishop. My experience was beautiful. My Doctor is a good listener. Great performance on my dental surgery and this is the best experience I had the love and compassion ❤️. The staff are wonderful and supportive. I am feeling alive as the dental problems are taken care. I feel more energetic and lively as Dr. Mazza made me healthier. I am very satisfied as a new patient. I got IV sedation I don't remember anything of the procedure. Just felt way better immediately after the procedure.
Dr. Mazza has great knowledge as an specialist and great customer service and understanding to address any surgery that needs to be done. Dr. Mazza is far advanced for dental implanted cosmetic dentistry.
Dr. Mazza made me 100% better mentally, physically, generally health wise.
I highly recommend Dr. Mazza is an outstanding he is gifted spiritually and skillful. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you leave here. I trust Dr. Mazza for my dental for life.

Franklin Copeland jr

I had to do 8 fillings and it all finished in less than an hour with no pain and difficulties. Dr Mazza also fixed my front broken teeth while working on the fillings.
This was my best experience in a dentistry ever. Dr Mazza and everyone one else here make you feel comfortable and relaxed.
I highly recommend Dr Mazza for cosmetic dentistry work and keeping you super comfortable.

Salar Baradaran

Dr Mazza is wonderful and super helpful in fixing my dental issues including getting me out of pain immediately. I called and I was seen right away. The tooth was badly infected and broken. He worked very hard , got the infection under control by root canal. Then got a crown same day with CEREC. Lb is on premise and it’s a one stop dental boutique practice. What a great place and wonderful doctor and staff. I’ve been to a lot of dentists, but Dr. Mazza is very unique. He is very experienced and has high rating on my book. I highly recommend him to everyone who is looking for and awesome doctor dentist and staff. My kudos to Dr. Mazza and his staff for being so accommodating and nice.

Patricia Ebbert

Excellent Dental Work!
Wonderful atmosphere!
I came in because I had infection for emergency appointment and I found out I need root canal. I was in a lot of pain. Dr. Mazza took excellent care of me. The work was done excellent, no pain at all. The crown I got looks so natural I can’t say it from the other teeth. Amazing thing is that Dr. Mazza called me every evening after I had work done making sure I am ok.
I wanted to have my teeth whitening to have a beautiful smile. He did it with the power whitening machine and now I have the beautiful smile I love it.
Wonderful service. Everyone is very helpful.
Dr. Mazza is out of network of my insurance, but I come here because he worths every penny. They file the insurance claims and I get money back quickly.
I highly recommend Dr. Mazza they take me in quick when I call specially if it’s an emergency.
Happy again in Life with my beautiful smile
Pain free dentist ❤️

Wardette Penn

Really great experience! I have gotten my root canal done here last year and everything went smoothly. I just recently got 4 of my wisdom teeth removed and the whole process went wonderful. Everyone at the office was very accommodating and made me not feel nervous. They call to check up on you same day and day after surgery’s. Sedation and procedure went better than expected! :)

Vanessa Pontachack

Cracked tooth all good again!
I was referred to Dr. Mazza by my dentist. I had a badly broken tooth. He worked very hard and saved my tooth. I was kept super comfortable during the root canal and crown process. He gave me a painless shot. Office is very modern and clean. Everyone here is friendly and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Mazza for whoever needs professional and great dental services.

Larry Rosen

Great pleasant experience in here. It’s so peaceful here. I’ll be back. I needed to have my tooth pulled and replaced with dental implants. Soooo as scared as I am from dentist I was scared to death to go to dentist. I was introduced to Dr. Mazza as the man who can do it. From the first day I felt well welcomed and relaxed. Dr. Mazza gave me IV sedation that I can’t remember any pain or discomfort or anything. I just woke up and job was done! I will definitely return and look forward to finishing up with my implants work. Doctor staff hygienist assistants are all pleasant.
If you are looking to get excellent service with no pain no anxiety and get the best pull tooth, implants, dentures here is the best place.

Willia McGuire

Dr. Mazza and his staff are incredible!

As a medical professional myself, I’m VERY selective in who I choose to provide care for me and my family. Dr. Mazza is highly trained in dentistry and teaches students and residents at University of Maryland. As such, he is continuously educating himself on the latest techniques and advances while also practicing at the highest level of his training.

Not only is he highly trained and an expert in his field, but he truly appreciates his patients and treats them with the outmost care and respect. The staff are always friendly and open to answering questions. And I love the hot scented towels that I’m gifted at the end! It makes it a spa-like experience and something you’ll never experience anywhere else.

I’d highly recommend going to Dr. Mazza. At the very least, taking an hour out of your day to schedule a consultation. You won’t regret it!

Safa S

Dr. Mazza and staff are Outstanding. I never felt rushed and knew that I was well cared for. I had 3 broken teeth with crowns done in the same day and Dr. Mazza did everything to ensure that I was comfortable. I have healthy gums and now we are working on plan to create a better smile. I amso happy that I met him and look forward to the great work.

Lenne' White

This is hands down the best dentist experience I've ever had. The entire staff is knowledgeable and super friendly, and despite my dental anxiety, they put me at ease from the very beginning. Dr. Mazza was able to save a tooth from needing a more invasive and expensive procedure, and was very understanding of my needs to take breaks because of jaw pain. Would recommend them for anyone who has been putting off dental work out of anxiety.

Mary Stanfield

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